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Wielkie Granie - PGE Narodowy 2022

On September 10, more than 1,000 musicians - instrumentalists and vocalists - will appear at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw.

They will play and sing together, live, the greatest hits of all time, and will be supported in the stands by an exceptional audience of several thousand people.

The PGE Narodowy in Warsaw is celebrating its big 10th anniversary in 2022. We are celebrating a big, boisterous birthday. Ahead of us is the biggest music event in history - the Wielkie Granie at PGE Narodowy

The musicians' applications will be judged by the musical leaders. Among them are:

  • Jacek Królik (Guitarist section leader) - guitar virtuoso, composer and producer;

  • Wojtek Pilichowski (bass section leader) - bass guitar virtuoso, session musician, composer and producer;

  • Michał Dąbrówka (percussionist section leader) - percussion virtuoso, studio musician, composer and music producer;

  • Joanna „Ruda” Lazer (vocalist section leader) charismatic vocalist of the band Red Lips.

Wielkie Granie na PGE Narodowym is a grand action to unite musicians - instrumentalists into one, the biggest rock band in Poland.


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