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Jericho Brass Collective Album Premiere

Wojtek Pilichowski

Wojtek Pilichowski, bass guitar virtuoso, session musician, composer and producer will present his latest album entitled "Jericho Brass Collective" on December 14, 2021

Wojtek Pilichowski's newest album - Jericho Brass Collective - is an exceptional release on the European music market. The nine-member line-up of musicians is a unique phenomenon in the world today.

The style of this album is a high genre, trance, and deep Funky Jazz Fusion. The character that this album undoubtedly has refers to the best years of music created in the 70s and 80s. The line-up of musicians chosen by the most recognizable Polish bassist in the world, powered by a four-piece brass section, sounds exactly as you would expect from the title of the album. The content of the 19th album in Wojtek's output consists of ten compositions, mostly of his own authorship. These are songs from his previous albums, starting from his first solo album Wojtek Pilichowski (1994) up to the album Vandal (2018). Completely new arrangements of the songs, expanded by the sound of saxophones, trumpet, and trombone, make you believe in the real power of music to tear down walls. The whole project was realized in the famous recording studio Woobie Doobie, by the leading Polish mixing and engineer Łukasz Błasiński, and mastered by Grzegorz Piwkowski at High End Audio.


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